More selected projects

I was approached by Google and Refinery29 to take on a challenge: along with Mallory Heyer, a NYC–based artist whom I'd never met, we were to create a huge mural using Google Sheets. I know, right?

We were given the assignment to “break the grid”—which literally meant pushing the grid within Google Sheets to its limits, but also tapping into the idea of supporting and celebrating women globally who break free of confined roles and ways of thinking.

Our final piece was hand–painted in Brooklyn by Colossal Media, as an enormous 10 x 5m mural on the corner of Bogart and Thames in Williamsburg.

The whole project was documented in film (see below), and covered widely in the media by channels such as Metro New York, Fortune, Business Insider and of course Google and Refinery29 themselves.

The cherry in the cake of this brilliant experience was the Girl Gang–themed party to launch the mural in New York City, where our artwork decorated everything, from gradient floral arrangements, to coasters, to a massive cake. So much fun!


Marina Esmeraldo & Mallory Heyer

Art Direction
Meg Lazaros

Mixtape Club

Film directed by
Michael Tyburski

Wes Tarca

Mural painting
Colossal Media