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In Praise Of Having Friends Of Different Ages

Why it rocks to have friends of all ages

Why Is No-One Talking About Depression Amongst Graduates?

You're meant to be having the time of your life with your newfound freedom. But why is graduate depression a thing?

How To Set Up An Actually Fun Book Club (Without Becoming Prematurely Middle-Aged)

We'll take our novels with a bottle (or seven) of wine please.

How To Drink Alone In A Bar Without Feeling Like A Dick

Because Barchick knows the importance of solo wine.

Calling Bullshit On: The Rule You Need To Take Off All Your Makeup Every Single Night

Remember what happened in that Nic Cage, John Travolta Face Off film? Yeah. If you don’t take your makeup off you will LOSE your face…

The Life Of Someone Who Sweats. All The Time.

Hyperhidrosis is like a tap you can’t turn off.

Sex, Orgasms & Anti-Depressants: How Pills Can Kill Thrills

Anti-depressant meds are affecting what happens in our beds as well as our heads.

'Living With A Video Games Addict Made Me Realise It Can Be As Destructive As A Drug Or Alcohol Addiction'

Basically - it's almost impossible to help, and online gaming is a nightmare.

The Realities Of Shopping On The High Street When You're A Size 24

Is The Cat-Eye Flick Your Go To? Here's Five Eyeliner Looks To Also Try

The Cat-Eye Flick Is Over. Here's The Five Eyeliner Looks You Should Be Rocking Instead

We Take A Look Back At The Biggest Beauty Moments Of 2014, And Yes Of Course One Of Them Is Kale

Stuff To Get Your Mum To Buy You When She Goes To Boots

Things Your Only Know If You Work On A Perfume Counter During Christmas Mayhem

Ask An Adult: How To Cope With Work Colleagues You Hate During Christmas Party Season

It's one thing when they're annoying in the office. But how are you going to cope when you're in a sad pub drinking crap wine pretending to like each other?

View From The Bar: What's The Best Drink To Order To Rinse The Free Work Tab?

Without your boss thinking you’re a cheapskate, obv…

View From The Bar: Is There A Foolproof Way To Get Served More Quickly At A Busy Bar?

Because you've got drinks to drink and mates to chat to...

Dyed Armpit Hair Is Trending On Tumblr, Don't Knock It Til You've Seen It

Here's how to pull off dyed armpit hair.

Ask An Adult: Is Spending My Entire 20's On The Pill Going To Mess Up My Body?

Ask An Adult: How Can I Be Hungover At Work? What's Holding Me Back? And Other Questions You’ve Been Too Scared To Ask, Answered

Annette King, CEO of advertising, marketing and public relations agency Ogilvy & Mather, is the most honest boss you'll never have.

How I Learnt To Accept My Pale, Pasty Skin

Because no, not everyone has been to St. Tropez (the place or tanning booth) lately.