A collection of oil pastel pieces inspired by memories of summer by the water.

The feeling of the sun, salt, sea and wind in your skin, in your hair, and in your closed eyelids, the sound of lapping waves in your ears, a gentle smile upon your lips.

Drawing is so connected to travel for me: I feel so inspired by the essence of places, seeing new things, capturing details of buildings, objects, or organic nature. Memories of places visited and imagined.

Watch my travelog here.

For more travel–themed art, you might enjoy my art book travel memoir, SOUVENIRS.

Above: sketches, inspiration and process.

From left to right:

Cadaqués and Platja Fonda
(23 x 15cm)

Portal and Vela
(21 x 30cm)

Above:  framed limited edition prints.

Marina Esmeraldo is a Brazilian illustrator, artist and educator, based between Barcelona and London. She speaks five and a half languages, loves travelling and the sea, and is currently obsessed with outdoor sketching, film photography and subconscious reprogramming.

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