Férias na
Praia de Iracema

Music festival — Instituto Iracema
Fortaleza, Brazil
AD by Mara Silveira

I had the great pleasure of working on the identity for Férias na Praia de Iracema, a music festival from my hometown in Brazil, Fortaleza.

The circuit of festivals happens on the beach every summer and are free. A beautiful project by Instituto Iracema and the local mayor.

Praia de Iracema means “Iracema Beach”,  named after the iconic native heroine immortalised by author José de Alencar in 1865, symbol of the city and the main inspiration for the artwork.

The design team used the various graphic elements from the posters I designed to create a comprehensive graphic and spatial identity for the festival.

This included the design for the stage and  playful, interactive sculptures based on my illustrations.

Art Direction

Mara Silveira

Interactive Sculptures

Narcélio Grud


Instituto Iracema
& Mayor of Fortaleza  

Marina Esmeraldo is a Brazilian illustrator, artist and educator, based between Barcelona and London. She speaks five and a half languages, loves travelling and the sea, and is currently obsessed with outdoor sketching, film photography and subconscious reprogramming.

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