Above — Full sequence strips for LEGO: Play Unstoppable” campaign


“The Little Girl Who Could”
Play Unstoppable Campaign
Brand / Social Media
AD The Brooklyn Brothers

I had so much fun working on the #PlayUnstoppable campaign for LEGO this summer.

We created 3 worlds for an Unstoppable Girl to achieve anything she wants. It was a real joy to populate the beloved LEGO world with my bright colours and shapes!

Above — Full sequence: “LEGO: Unstoppable Artist Trusts The Process”

First up, the Unstoppable Artist is reminded to trust the process as she works her way through a creative project, releasing her perfectionism and allowing herself to play and experiment, achieving her final masterpiece.

Above — Full sequence: “LEGO: Unstoppable Explorer Finds Their Way”

Next: we follow the Unstoppable Explorer as she trusts her instincts and finds her way through an adventure to a buried treasure!

Above — Full sequence: “LEGO: Unstoppable Explorer Finds Their Way”

And finally: our heroine is encouraged to “Level up!” as she conquers obstacles and makes her way through a classic 8bit 2D gaming strip, jumping through obstacles and conquering monsters!

Marina Esmeraldo is a Brazilian illustrator, artist and educator, based between Barcelona and London. She speaks five and a half languages, loves travelling and the sea, and is currently obsessed with outdoor sketching, film photography and subconscious reprogramming.

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