Illustrator and art director Marina Esmeraldo finds it hard to have hobbies. One day, after years of engaging with music as a passionate fan, she decided to learn the bass guitar. Playing bass should’ve been a way to disconnect from her digital-based design practice, but instead of a hobby it became a project, and a question:

What if the artwork she made could react to the music she played?

Sound & Vision—a collaboration with filmmaker Ross McClure—takes you through Marina's journey of discovery, experimentation; frustration and elation.

Directed by
Ross McClure

Concept by
Marina Esmeraldo

Illustration, Animation & Art Direction
Marina Esmeraldo

Written by
Marina Esmeraldo and James Vincent

Edited by
Ross McClure
Marina Esmeraldo is a Brazilian illustrator, artist and educator, based between Barcelona and London. She speaks five and a half languages, loves travelling and the sea, and is currently obsessed with outdoor sketching, film photography and subconscious reprogramming.

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